I’m going on tour.

Here’s the deal.  This past Christmas I was too poor to buy a plane ticket and fly home to see my family.  That was a bummer.  This upcoming April my brother, a fighter pilot in training, is getting his wings from the Air Force.  This is happening in Texas.  Many of my family members will be in attendance.  And since I still haven’t even met my nearly 1 year old niece, I figured I’d better be in attendance too.  But I’m still broke and can’t afford a plane ticket.  Solution?  Book some shows to and from Texas and hopefully not lose a ton of money.  I figure if ten or fifteen people show up to each show and pay $5, there’s a good chance I could break even.  Then again, I did absolutely no math to verify that, and if I had done the math, I’m sure it would have ended terribly.  

Also, I couldn’t take a ton of time off work and Texas isn’t exactly close to Virginia, so most of my drives are like 10 hours.  

Fuck it, this is going to be fun!

Here’s what I’ve got:  

April 3: Knoxville, TN at Longbranch Saloon

April 4: Springfield,MO at Lindbergs Bar.  

April 5: OKC, At the HiLo.  I think Garrett from Red City Radio is playing too.  

April 9: Arlington, TX at Center House

April 10: San Antonio, TX, at El Ten Eleven with Menzingers, Cheap Girls, Sidekicks, and Captain We’re Sinking.  My poor liver.

April 11: Austin, TX, Chris’s house   

April 12: Pensacola Beach, FL The Break, 10pm, FREE!

April 13: Birmingham, AL at The Dan

April 14: Durham, NC at Almost People HQ

As for merch, other than some old The RIot Before stuff I’ll try and round up, I don’t really have any.  No solo release (yet) or a t-shirt with my name on it, which still just feels weird.  So instead the plan as of right now is to make a whole mess of homemade salsa and/or hot sauce, can it, sell it as merch, and hopefully give no one botulism!

I’ll update this with links to show pages as soon as I get them.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you soon.