I’ve decided to break from tradition and start playing solo acoustic shows after the band I fronted broke up.  It’s a new and unique idea I know, but I think it could work.  I have one of those hands free harmonica holder things.  

Come watch this new crazy idea in action here:

April 3: Knoxville, TN at Longbranch Saloon

April 4: Springfield,MO at Lindbergs Bar.  

April 5: OKC, At the HiLo with Garret from Red City Radio.  Also, drunken heckling provided by the other members of Red City Radio.   

April 9: Arlington, TX at Center House

April 10: San Antonio, TX, at El Ten Eleven with Menzingers, Cheap Girls, Sidekicks, and Captain We’re Sinking.  My poor liver.

April 11: Austin, TX, Chris’s house   

April 12: Pensacola Beach, FL The Break, 10pm, FREE!

April 13: Birmingham, AL at The Dan

April 14: Durham, NC at Almost People HQ 

I said earlier that I was going to sell salsa, but then I got two more jobs and have been working 60 hours a week and haven’t had time to can things.  I’m sorry about this.  Please forgive me.  

Please forgive me in person at the above locations and times!