This is how you get angry comments from people you knew in high school.

This is an AR-15.  According to wikipedia, when fully automatic it can shoot off 800 rounds per minute.  Each one of those bullets flies at a speed of 975 meters per second, and is accurate up to a distance of 600 meters.  I’m no gun expert, but suffice it to say, the AR-15 is an extremely serious weapon.  

This is a Charleville musket.  It was used during the time of the American Revolution and was still in use when the 2nd Amendment was written in 1791.  Depending on the skill of the person operating the gun, this can fire as many as three rounds (literally, round) per minute, with an effective range of about 75 meters…that is, if you get lucky and the round, highly inaccurate bullet actually hits the thing you were “aiming” at.  

When the constitution of my country was being amended for the second time, it was the Charleville musket and others like it that those penning the amendment had in mind.  That a weapon like the AR-15 would ever exist was beyond the limits of their imaginations.  

To suggest that a law written in 1791 concerning a weapon like the Charleville not only still applies today, but to the AR-15, is about as absurd as suggesting that the laws governing the operation of a horse and buggy in the late 18th century should apply to a Ferrari on a smooth paved road.  

As far as I’m concerned, it would be completely unconstitutional for congress to take away one’s right to bear arms, as long as those arms were built in the style of a gun that existed before 1800.  

Anything after 1800, let’s talk.